Inspirational Stories Read Some Insiring Stories of Other Ostomates

Brendan’s Story

In December 2012, I had major cancer surgery for colorectal cancer. I was given a temporary ileostomy for a 4 month period. In April this was removed and I was placed back in so-called normal bowel operational mode and the pouch removed. It was then my real nightmare began. I was very fortunate that I did not require chemo or ...
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Ava’s Story

After suffering from Crohn's Disease for 15 years, I had to have a complete colon and rectum removal in order to both save my life, and restore quality to my life. A fellow ostomate shared her thoughts about Na'Scent, and after one use I knew it was something I couldn't be without. I've tried other odor eliminators, but NOTHING works ...
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Rachaél’s Story

I had emergency surgery on 10/8/21 due to a ruptured colon. The worst pain I've ever felt in my life. This was my 22nd surgery in 12 years. I woke up to find I had a new addition to my body- a colostomy bag. While spending 5 weeks recovering in the hospital, I joined an online support group and multiple ...
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Talia’s Story

I was misdiagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis back in 2008 before having several surgeries to remove my colon and create my j-pouch. After a few more surgeries I was finally properly diagnosed with a very severe case of Crohn’s Disease and have been having major abdominal surgeries about once a year ever since. I’ve had issues with obstructions, perforations, hernias… really ...
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