If you're frustrated by ineffective ostomy odor control, consider what Na'Scent users have to say about our ostomy odor eliminator.

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Helen Welborn

"The Na'Scent really seems to have taken care of the problem. Thanks for providing a free sample so I could check out the product."

R. Guilbert

"Excellent produit pour éliminer l'odeur à la source. J'ai une colostomie fonctionnant comme une iléostomie et j'utilise na'scent à tous les jours. Je le recommande. Translation: Excellent product to eliminate the smell at the source. I have a colostomy that works like an ileostomy and I use Na`Scent every day. I recommend it."

Kelly H

"Finally a product that truly works!! I find I don't have to squirt near as much in my pouch as I do the other products. I would like to find a spray tho that works as well. Not a fake lower awful masking smell. ???? Thanks again for your product!! I doubt you truly can understand why we patients are so appreciative! Best regards!"


"I've had an ileostomy for 40+ years and have tried various odor eliminating products over those years. Nothing works like NaScent and customer service is outstanding! Love this product! Highly, highly recommend!"


"I have been quite pleased with this product. It really does a good job on the odor and is fairly effective as a lubricant too."


"I have had an ileostomy for the past 60 years and for many years I have been using M9 by Hollister. A friend gave me a sample of Na Scent and I found it to be a much superior product. Now I just need to locate a retail outlet that sells Na Scent in Canada"


"Na`Scent Ostomy Odor Control product is by far exceeds all of its competitor Colorplast, Convatec, Hollister... to name a few. Patient bought bigger bottle and was having small bottle samples for traveling."


"I have used Na Scent for years, its available on NHS . Its given me so much confidence over the years so I can go any where and not be embarrassed by left odors in some ones bathroom."


"I love this product and ordered more. The second batch I just wasn’t sure about. It didn’t seem to take care of odors the way the first group did. I contacted the owners of the product and after a few hits and misses they were very quick to make everything right again. It’s really surprised me because I have already used up the faulty product and was trying to order more. However, they even worked with that and let me get new product for free. The free part wasn’t what I cared about. It sure shows where their heart was. Thank you so much for caring about the little customers. Thank you! "

Charles J. Bufalino

"It works better than anything I've tried. It kills the smell instantly."

Robert G. Quirico


Valerie Foster

"I love this product, I really do. I was truly concerned with the odors of my new ostomy. I felt embarrassed; I was desperately trying to find a product that was simple to use, discreet and would eliminate odors quickly. I found all of that with Na'Scent. I had tried other products that my ostomy nurse gave me when I left the hospital, but, I wasn't happy with crystals etc. A little research online and I found this product. I am and will be forever grateful for the development of this product. It works perfectly! "