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" It is a wonderful product, however, the cost in the UK is exorbitant. Deodorants are not deemed essential on the NHS and my GP Practice refuses to prescribe them. Nascent is without a doubt THE BEST deodorant on the market, it gives 100% odor removal. The price has increased phenomenally over the years since I first discovered it. At present, the 12oz bottle retails at between £22 and £24 which makes it unaffordable, except for special occasions! Such a pity because it is an amazing product. Apart from the cost I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend it. "


"Na'Scent makes having an Ostomy so much easier. Odor is one of the biggest issues with an Ostomy, especially if you are out in public. I have used this product for over 10 years, and it was/is a life changer for me. Easy to use, easy to carry with you. Na’Scent permits me to confidently be around people. The company is outstanding. The customer service is outstanding. Thank you Na'Scent, I so appreciate your product."

Mirlin D.

"I love, love this product. I tried everything I could find in magazines, from my Ostomy nurse, Tony. Then I found Na'Scent. I've used it for years and it takes care of any odor. Now. I can travel to visit friends and don't worry about leaving any smell in the bathroom. Thank you so much for this wonderful product. The people are so nice when I order by phone and are very helpful."

Kate C.

"The best product I've used to eliminate my ileostomy odour! Its given me so much confidence to empty my bag while out and about. I carry the sample bottle with me everywhere, and top it up with the big bottles as needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you a thousand times! I have screamed it from to rooftops and will continue to recommend this product!"

Kathleen B.

"Love this product. It has made living with an ileostomy so much easier. Highly recommend the use of Na’ Scent."

Valerie F.

"This is an awesome product and I’m so grateful that I got my first sample from my hospital back in 2016!! I’ve used it ever sense. It’s simple to use, discreet and completely removes any odor. If it wasn’t for this product, I would be so embarrassed to empty my pouch in public. Thank you to the inventors!!!"

Jennifer L.

"I have had a Colostomy since December 2012, and I have it for life. I deal with anxiety and depression also. This product is “Out of this World” I don’t get anxiety when using the restroom. So glad I watched another colostomy person talk about this product. I finally feel this product is going to help me feel better about using the restroom. Does what no other product can do. I have tried several. I am very excited to have this product in my life. Tried this product December 2020."

Jane M.

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product, I have been using it since 2015. I am on several groups with Facebook and when the question is asked on how to take the odor away, I always tell them about Na'scent and how well the product works. I don't know what I would do without it."

Maureen M.

"Na’Scent is a real game-changer for anyone with living an Ostomy/illeostomy. I am so much more confident out in the world and in my own apartment building all because of Na’Scent. I no longer have ppl. following me out of restrooms in Whole Foods, yes, that happened. Thank you for your compassionate customer support. I’m “Forever Grateful” for the difference it has made living with an ileostomy."


"This product is fantastic. I work every day and every time I go to the bathroom (there are four stalls), I worry about how bad my stool smells from my ostomy bag. I mean it just seems much stronger than someone having a regular bowel movement. Well, not anymore, I couldn't believe it, I first tried this at home. I came out and was so excited, I'm telling my husband it doesn't smell anymore go check out the bathroom, he thought I was crazy but that's how bad it bothered me. I carry the small sample bottle in my purse now. I plan to buy the larger bottles and then just pour them in my sample bottles so I can keep them with me at all times.



Na’Scent user since 2001 (pictured here in Peru)

"Na'Scent goes everywhere with me. In fact, I travel the world with it!"

Talia R.

"This is my favorite ostomy door eliminator by far! I love the company and swear by the product. I keep it with me at all times! I can’t say enough about how much I’d love to promote and endorse this product honestly. Great for my sensitive nose and eliminated the paranoia I feel when emptying my bag in public."

Kathryn S.

"Thank you so much for the 2 sample bottles of Na’Scent.It works perfectly!! No odor….and to think I cried worrying that I would smell when my son and grandson came to visit me. I have found a solution!! (literally)"

R. Guilbert

"Excellent produit pour éliminer l'odeur à la source. J'ai une colostomie fonctionnant comme une iléostomie et j'utilise na'scent à tous les jours. Je le recommande. Translation: Excellent product to eliminate the smell at the source. I have a colostomy that works like an ileostomy and I use Na`Scent every day. I recommend it."


"I have had an ileostomy for the past 60 years and for many years I have been using M9 by Hollister. A friend gave me a sample of Na Scent and I found it to be a much superior product. Now I just need to locate a retail outlet that sells Na Scent in Canada"

Arthur Peace

"I have used Na Scent for years, it's available on NHS . It's given me so much confidence over the years so I can go any where and not be embarrassed by left odors in some ones bathroom."

Charles J. Bufalino

"It works better than anything I've tried. It kills the smell instantly."

Robert G. Quirico



 It's a Godsend!

" When I woke up to this stoma a few months ago I had no idea how or what was needed for Ostomy care. At my very first outpatient appointment with an Ostomy nurse, she gave me a bottle of this (along with the standard bag supplies) and I am so glad she did! If only I had known about it while inpatient, my room would have been a much more pleasant environment! I use this whenever I change or rinse out my bag when it gets anything in it. I only use about 4 or 5 drops and it does the trick! The customer service at this company is wonderful. When I placed the order I did not see that while the shipping is free that it wasn't Prime 2 - day shipping and realized I would run out before it got here. The company reached out to me and made arrangements for me to get it faster, it got here within a day! Finding great Ostomy supplies within itself can be difficult, finding that and a company that personally cares about their clients is invaluable! Thank you so much! "

Pat S.

"This product makes having a colostomy so much easier. No other product I tried hides the odour like this do.I buy from America, hopefully soon Na Scent will have an agent in Ireland "

Richard A.

"Been using it for a few years now. Doesn't just dull the smells, it removes them totally. My wife is a great fan, as she used to use the toilet after me! "


"When I started using Na'Scent it changed my life. Having a product that really controls ostomy odor, allows me to be comfortable with my ostomy, no matter where I happen to be. Thank you for not only for your product, but also for your consistent and compassionate business practices!"

Carla W.

"I've tried a few products since I've had my ileostomy and I have to say that Nascent is the absolute best at taking care of the odor. My bathroom is right off of my kitchen (ugh!) And neither my husband nor daughter can detect any odor when I use this!! Thank you!!!"

Gary S.

"The product Works and works well .It has helped me in many ways . I now can empty my bag with confidence that there will be no odor . I have given Na Scent to others who have suffered with odor and within days they have called me and thanked me for the introduction to Na Scent."

Allie H.

"Na' Scent has changed my life. I've tried every other product out there... Some were had dye in them and stained, others didn't work. I swear I could always smell my bag beforehand. And as a young woman in her twenties, smelling like poop is something you never want!! Just decided to splurge and buy in bulk because I refuse to ever go without."

Judy L.

"I have tried everything anyone told me about to stop the odor. It was so embarrassing to be at someone's home and have to empty the pouch. NA SCENT makes that a NON WORRY! There is no scent. Thanks for making such a great product. I take the sample size with me in my purse at all times."

Linda W.

"Absolutely amazing! Seriously works. Tried other brands. None compare to this. Thank you for making such an excellent product!" 👍

Lily S.

" Thank you so much for the box of Na'Scent, it came, it reached me yesterday, such a surprise. I have had an Ileostomy for 65 years. (I am 100 years old + 3 months) Your Na'Scent has been a blessing to me and given me confidence to mix with people. I cannot thank you enough. "

Richard E.

" I have been using Na'Scent since April 2020. I get all my ostomy supplies from Byram Healthcare, and the person I deal with there, recommended it to me. I have had an ostomy since 2016, and your product is the best I have ever used. It DOES remove all odors. Thank you for making a product that really works!"

Rosemary Stilson

"I received the 2 sample bottles of Na'Scent. I love your product does what it says it would do. No odor from ileostomy bag. Thank you."

Kate C.

"The best product I've used to eliminate my ileostomy odour! Its given me so much confidence to empty my bag while out and about. I carry the sample bottle with me everywhere, and top it up with the big bottles as needed. Thank you, thank you, thank you a thousand times! I have screamed it from to rooftops and will continue to recommend this product!"

Helen Welborn

"The Na'Scent really seems to have taken care of the problem. Thanks for providing a free sample so I could check out the product."


"I've had an ileostomy for 40+ years and have tried various odor eliminating products over those years. Nothing works like NaScent and customer service is outstanding! Love this product! Highly, highly recommend!"


"I have been quite pleased with this product. It really does a good job on the odor and is fairly effective as a lubricant too."


"Na`Scent Ostomy Odor Control product is by far exceeds all of its competitor Colorplast, Convatec, Hollister... to name a few. Patient bought bigger bottle and was having small bottle samples for traveling."


"I love this product and ordered more. The second batch I just wasn’t sure about. It didn’t seem to take care of odors the way the first group did. I contacted the owners of the product and after a few hits and misses they were very quick to make everything right again. It’s really surprised me because I have already used up the faulty product and was trying to order more. However, they even worked with that and let me get new product for free. The free part wasn’t what I cared about. It sure shows where their heart was. Thank you so much for caring about the little customers. Thank you!"

Valeri Foster

"I love this product, I really do. I was truly concerned with the odors of my new ostomy. I felt embarrassed; I was desperately trying to find a product that was simple to use, discreet and would eliminate odors quickly. I found all of that with Na'Scent. I had tried other products that my ostomy nurse gave me when I left the hospital, but, I wasn't happy with crystals etc. A little research online and I found this product. I am and will be forever grateful for the development of this product. It works perfectly! "

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