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Lori’s Story

Hi! I'm Lori. I've had a jejunostomy for one year now, and I really struggled with finding the right appliance. I cried many tears, but I'm finally getting a handle on it after realizing I needed a convex system. I lost over 200 pounds and I deal with the pain of an hereditary neuromuscular disease through exercise. Though I'm pushing ...
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Gem’s Story

Hello! I was diagnosed with crohns colitis at the age of 11 and managed with medication until 16. After this I had 10 years(!) med free which was amazing! When I fell pregnant at 26 everything changed and my body went in to melt down. I ended up being admitted to hospital so many times during the pregnancy due to ...
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Anna’s Story

Hi everyone! My name is Anna and I am an ostomate! I have an ileostomy for a year now due to severe endometriosis and am dealing with it everyday. On my instagram I give everyone an inside in my daily life and struggles or tips and tricks to live with an ostomy but also the ups and downs of being ...
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Erin’s Story

I was diagnosed 7 years ago with ulcerative colitis. My boyfriend at the time (now husband) was there through everything - he loved me, helped me, cleaned me up when I had accidents and just did everything he could for me, even though we were only together for a year at that time. After 3 years of suffering, no medications ...
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