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Lily’s Life Story

Celebrating the Life of One of our Long Time Customer, Lily Thank you for keeping our Auntie Lily well supplied and in very timely fashion with her favourite trusted incomparable Na’scent.  Sad to say she passed away at the grand old age of 101 on August 28 2021.  Family recall that she was one of the first to undergo successful ...
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Laura’s Story

Hi, my name is Laura Lang. I am a Certified Wound Ostomy Nurse and an ostomate. I’ve had an ileostomy since 2008 due to crohn’s disease. It’s amazing how much better my life has become.  Crohn’s no longer controls me or prevents me from living life. My ostomy also lead me to my current career because I wanted to help ...
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Katie’s Story

Hi I’m Katie and have been an ostomate for almost 2 years after a diagnosis of ulcerative colitis in 2018. My ileostomy has changed my life completely, my health and happiness is the best it has ever been and that’s thanks to my stoma. UC does not dictate my life anymore and I’m able to do all the things I ...
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Helinka’s Story

I was never going to have a stoma, ostomy. My auntie had a couple over time and all I heard was negative things. As part of the recovery of surgery to remove stage three bowel cancer. The consultant and nurse convinced me that I would recover quicker and better. I did have a reversal. Unfortunately after surgery and radiotherapy, I ...
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