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Edit’s Story

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of twenty. My symptoms started with the constant bowel movements, at some point almost twenty a day, and a rapid twenty-pound weight loss. The doctor informed me that my case was one of the worst and most advanced he has seen. I had been using medication to ease the symptoms, but ...
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Luciana’s Story

I WILL TELL YOU what my ostomy means to me: freedom and no fear!   I've never thought that an ostomy would give me freedom. Four years ago, when I became an ostomate I first thought that my life would end and many other  possibilities in life would not exist anymore. I was wrong. I had my moment of grief, I ...
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Lauren’s Story

My name is Lauren and I’m 28. I’ve been an ostomate now for 6 and half years. I have my ileostomy due to Hirschsprung’s disease, mega colon, whole gut slow transit and colonic inertia. After nearly losing my life several times due to my invisible illnesses I’ve become extremely proud of myself.  I’ve moved countries and left my childhood home town. ...
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Dennis’s Story

My doctor told me that I would have reversal surgery and iliostomy would come off in a few years. It’s been 42 years and I still have it. Because of inflammation and colitis flare ups I was never able to get reversed. Most of the time I forget I have it. It’s become part of my life. I live every ...
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