ABOUT Na'Scent OSTOMY ODOR ELIMINATOR Bringing Quality of Life Home to You

Perfectly safe, non-toxic, odorless, effective and easy to use!

What is Na'Scent?

Na`Scent is an Ostomy Odor Eliminator for use in all ostomy pouching systems.

Why does Na'Scent Work?

There are two kinds of bacteria present in the human body. One known as aerobic bacteria, which are the natural floras of the body. The anaerobic bacterium is the disease, infectious, putrefying and contamination bacteria of the earth. They are found in water, food, and in the body. These bacteria cannot survive without the presence of oxygen.

To further explain the technical description of how our product works, the answer is simple. Oxygen kills anaerobic bacteria by utilizing the electrical charge they possess. An oxygen molecule is short one electron on its outer orbit. Build up the concentration of oxygen in the appliance (pouch) and the oxygen molecule will seek out the putrefying bacteria and pull the electron away from the microorganisms.

The pleasant result is that there is no offensive odor, without the use of harsh chemicals or deodorants. The product is a clear liquid that is non-flammable, non-toxic, and non-carcinogenic. Returning to life as it was before can be incredibly difficult. Na`Scent provides complete odor control for ostomy patients so they can regain their confidence to lead a better quality of life.

Key Benefits of Na'Scent

Ostomates can now confidently embrace experiences they've been dreading, maybe even avoiding, like :

  • Airplane Trips
  • Long Meetings
  • Crowded Rooms and Parties
  • Intimate Moments
  • Eating Favorite Foods
  • Emptying in a public restroom or someone's home

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Our Story

Michelyn Caldwell founded the company, NB Products, in 1998. A close family friend, Linda, needed an ostomy when she was in her 20’s and learning about her struggles inspired Michelyn's journey and dedication to help Linda and others. The business has always been very personal to Michelyn and is what continues to drive her. Her passion was to give ostomates a better quality of life through a great product.

Several years of research and development yielded the proprietary formula used as an ostomy odor eliminator known as Na'Scent. Na'Scent was first introduced to the market in February of 1998. Since then, Na'Scent has become one of the most sought-after ostomy odor eliminators on the market due to its superior odor-eliminating formula.

Na'Scent is not tested on animals.

NB Products is family-owned and operated.

Our Mission

Our Customer's Satisfaction and Quality of Life is our Number 1 Priority.

Michelyn Caldwell built this business on the foundation of sincerely caring for her customers and their quality of life. Simply put, Na'Scent is a company that truly cares.