Dee Dee’s Story

Hi. My name is Dee Dee and I have been living with Crohn’s for 22 years and have had over 60 surgeries/procedures related to this disease. Has been one wild journey. I was misdiagnosed several times and then once we got the diagnosis it just went downhill. They have been some rare instances where I did not know I had this disease. I have many of the extraintestinal complications, including enteropathic arthritis. After a wonderful career being a pharmacist I now am no longer able to work due to this disease and everything that accompanies it. We have tried every medication and we’ll start a new one in about a week or so.

One month ago, I got a colostomy. It has been in the plans for a while but I have always managed to get through the flare without it. This flare started in November and I’ve had 7 surgeries and 8 hospitalizations with the last surgery resulting in an ostomy. Life has changed. Some are for the better and some have been challenging. Every day I hope to get back to normal but I don’t even know what that is anymore. Hoping that with the bag and this new medication, it will be different. I know it doesn’t fix everything but if it can give me a better quality of life that’s all I want. The one thing that has been getting me through this is documenting what’s going on on my new TikTok page and sharing some stuff on my Instagram page.

I have been trying lots of samples and was happy to try in Na’Scent and love it.


Follow Dee Dee journey with NaScent on her TikTok page @CrohnsPharmD and FB face @ourfeatherfriends