Inspirational Stories Read Some Insiring Stories of Other Ostomates

Franco’s Story

My story started in May 2012 when my family Dr. retired and my wife found a new Dr. We had a visit with her and because my son was getting married that week in the USA, we asked if we could postpone the visit. After the wedding, we went to see her and she ordered all new tests for both ...
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Lynette’s Story

My story begins at birth. I was born with a genetic disease called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Sadly, this disease is missed and you are just a medical mystery. At 8 years old I began having horrible constipation and stomach pain. We were told to just eat more fiber, nothing worked. I was always seriously underweight and nobody could figure out ...
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Michael’s Story

I suffered from severe UC from my very first flare at 22. My first GI doctor told me within my first month that I had a bad case and would need surgery eventually. That obviously frightened me. Years of hopping from one med to another trying to find something that works and changing doctors as I moved, all led to ...
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Kathy’s Story

My name is Kathy (Kathleen). Oct. 20, 2016 during my first colonoscopy at age 69, I was immediately told I had cancer. I had a tumor just inside the anus. My surgeon told me right away I would need an ostomy. I was horrified as I first received 2 months of chemotherapy followed by 25 radiation treatments and then surgery ...
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