Frequently Asked Questions Everything You need to know

You are not alone.

NB Product Inc How much do I need to use of Na`Scent?
Typically, one to two squirts are all you need. But, it’s best to try different amounts based on your individual need. Which may can depend on the type of ostomy, consistency of output and diet.

NB Product Inc How often do I use Na`Scent?

For best results, after each time you empty your pouch is recommended.

NB Product Inc Will Na`Scent irritate my stoma and/or skin?

Na`Scent is a water-based formula and should not cause an irritation to your skin or stoma. We recommend making sure that you do not mix Na`Scent with any other products that contain alcohol.

NB Product Inc Is Na`Scent safe on fabrics?
Na`Scent’s active ingredient is an oxygenating product and can cause a bleaching effect of some color fast clothes such as cottons and rayons. If you do get Na`Scent on any clothes or fabrics, saturate with water to help prevent a bleaching effect.

NB Product Inc Is Na`Scent Toxic?

No. Na`Scent is non-toxic, water based and paraben free.

NB Product Inc Can Na`Scent be shipped internationally?

Yes, we ship all over the world. To find out more information regarding shipping cost, please contact us to get a quote. Your country and region with depend on the cost. We use DHL Express and most international shipments only take 2-5 business days.

NB Product Inc Is Na`Scent a Medicare/Medicaid covered item?

Na`Scent is a Medicare covered item using billing code A4394 and is available through several medical suppliers in the USA. Na`Scent is also available in Canada, United Kingdom and Norway. Ask your medical supplier for Na`Scent by name.

NB Product Inc What platforms is Na`Scent available to order on? 

We offer Na`Scent direct through our website shopping cart and Amazon. There may be other platforms that offer Na`Scent but when ordering direct. All orders are processed and shipped direct from our warehouse.

NB Product Inc Does Na`Scent have a return policy and/or product guarantee? 


Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We pride ourselves in always giving old-fashioned world-class customer service. We LOVE our Ostomates and strive to give you the very best quality service and care.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with Na’Scent, please reach out to us directly at or call 1-888-880-1959.

We wish to give you a hassle-free experience. A return is not necessary – we prefer you give it to someone who might benefit from using Na`Scent, donate it to your local ostomy support group or ostomy nurse. We also would be happy to send you a replacement bottle free of charge should you request it.

NB Product Inc Is Na`Scent safe for Pediatric Ostomy patients?

Yes, because Na`Scent is a water based non-toxic formula, it is used for pediatric ostomy patients.

NB Product Inc Is Na`Scent available through Veteran Hospitals and/or Gov’t agencies?

Yes, Na'Scent is now available to the VA via Open Market though Cardinal Health at-Home.

NB Product Inc Is Na`Scent available through my local hospital? 

We provide free samples to ostomy nurses across the country. If your ostomy nurse does not have free samples in stock for you to try, please contact us and we can send out a couple free samples to you right away.

NB Product Inc Does NB Products offer any other ostomy products other than Na`Scent? 

Currently Na`Scent is the only product that we manufacture. However, we do have plans to offer new and innovative products in the near future. We will keep you updated!

NB Product Inc Do you supply Na`Scent through Edgepark? 

Yes, we do.