Inspirational Stories Read Some Insiring Stories of Other Ostomates

Kathy’s Story

My name is Kathy (Kathleen). Oct. 20, 2016 during my first colonoscopy at age 69, I was immediately told I had cancer. I had a tumor just inside the anus. My surgeon told me right away I would need an ostomy. I was horrified as I first received 2 months of chemotherapy followed by 25 radiation treatments and then surgery ...
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Erin’s Story

I was diagnosed 7 years ago with ulcerative colitis. My boyfriend at the time (now husband) was there through everything - he loved me, helped me, cleaned me up when I had accidents and just did everything he could for me, even though we were only together for a year at that time. After 3 years of suffering, no medications ...
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Lily’s Life Story

Celebrating the Life of One of our Long Time Customer, Lily Thank you for keeping our Auntie Lily well supplied and in very timely fashion with her favourite trusted incomparable Na’scent.  Sad to say she passed away at the grand old age of 101 on August 28 2021.  Family recall that she was one of the first to undergo successful ...
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Talia’s Story

I was diagnosed with UC when I was 12. After a lot of trial and error and a long hospital stay, I had my colon removed in 2008 before most kids my age or myself really understood what was happening. Turned out I had Crohn’s disease and I needed more medications and more surgeries. Fast forward about 13 years and ...
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