Lily’s Life Story

Celebrating the Life of One of our Long Time Customer, Lily

Thank you for keeping our Auntie Lily well supplied and in very timely fashion with her favourite trusted incomparable Na’scent.  Sad to say she passed away at the grand old age of 101 on August 28 2021.  Family recall that she was one of the first to undergo successful stoma surgery for ulcerative colitis back in 1956.  She managed to raise her young family, without benefit of modern conveniences like indoor toilet & mains water, and was blessed to lead a long, productive and happy life.

Her only transport was the local bus or mainly her bicycle which she finally stopped riding aged 82.  Am sending  (in 2 emails) a few photos of Lily (age 100 with Queen’s telegram), house & garden, none very descriptive of a house with walled garden at end of lane in a cow field next to an orchard and stream!  If you wish, you can check out the following website where you can find recorded interviews with Lily & her life history:

Lily used to be active in her local Ileostomy Society and only wanted to be of help to others. Lily always expressed gratitude for her health and full life.  We think her cottage was renovated & extended by the farmer about 1994 at which point she got an indoor bathroom and toilet.  Mains water replaced the well some time before.  The extension is what you first see from the driveway. Original door (now within porch) is facing back garden, with garden (original front) gate and stone wall to the right, River Arrow behind back hedge.  We think it was about 10 years ago when Lily couldn’t manage the garden, arthritis was messing up her hands.  So her nephew, now pushing 80, took it over plus helped her in all things.  She wasn’t one for Meals on Wheels and was able to cook a proper daily dinner almost to the end.
Na’scent definitely increased her confidence and enjoyment of life.  Wishing you all success in promoting your product improving other people’s lives.

Again, thank you so much for your kindness over the years.  Your product made all the difference to her daily life.

Take care.

Best regards – Sue Welch