Michelyn’s Story

Here is a great interview with the president and owner of NB Products, Michelyn Caldwell, telling her story of how her drive to help others brought about the birth of this product and company.  

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LeeAnne’s Story

At the age of 40, I stepped away from a successful corporate sales career to build an online social selling business. This business turned into a 7 figure income after years of hard work and dedication. During this time, I survived a very rare form of cancer which left me in a colostomy for life.…

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The Best Ostomy Tips and Tricks

ostomy tips and tricks

Life can become difficult after undergoing colostomy surgery. The fact is that the learning curve for people who have gone through ostomy surgery is pretty steep. Not only do they need to learn to deal with the physical aftermath, but they also need to learn an entire new way of life. Whether you had the…

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