Dennis W.’s Story

I was 76 and taking care of my dear wife who was suffering with onset of Alzheimer’s. We’d been married since 1960 and always active. My lack of adequate sleep for the past year had destroyed my immune system which resulted in bowel cancer and Ostomy surgery. To do what I could do to extend…

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The Best Ostomy Tips and Tricks

ostomy tips and tricks

Life can become difficult after undergoing colostomy surgery. The fact is that the learning curve for people who have gone through ostomy surgery is pretty steep. Not only do they need to learn to deal with the physical aftermath, but they also need to learn an entire new way of life. Whether you had the…

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Sarah’s Story

My name is Sarah and I am 30 years old. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis at the age of 16 and have had a long hard battle with it ever since. In April 2019, I was rushed into hospital and had to have emergency surgery (subtotal colectomy) which left me with a stoma and…

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