Dennis W.’s Story

I was 76 and taking care of my dear wife who was suffering with onset of Alzheimer’s. We’d been married since 1960 and always active. My lack of adequate sleep for the past year had destroyed my immune system which resulted in bowel cancer and Ostomy surgery. To do what I could do to extend my life to continue to advocate for my dear wife, I continued to ride my road bike as soon as I was able. My wife passed away 2 and a half years ago after 58 years of marriage, and I’m happy to report I’ve continued to put miles on my bikes. This year I logged over 2,800 miles, again exceeding my 2,000 mile annual goal.

My ostomy has given me additional years of freedom. I change my colectomy every morning before riding off and I never concern myself with having to make bathroom stops along the way. Your product takes all the concern, and embarrassment out of those stops. Life is good, I still miss my sweet biking companion, but my 82 years has given me a lifetime of adventure. Thanks for your support.