Staci’s Story

I started having GI symptoms right before Covid turned our world upside down. I was losing weight, food went right through me, and I usually had a short 10-15 min window after eating to find a bathroom quick!!! I was a busy wife, mom, and small business owner so I didn’t have time for this. I put myself on a very restricted diet (BRAT) and “toughed” it out. Well I lost my job with no source of income during the shut down and the weight loss got worse, which I attributed to stress. I finally decided to make a Dr’s appt and find out what was going on. She ran several tests and referred me for a colonoscopy.

Upon meeting with my GI Dr…We determined that I most likely had Celiac Disease and the Colonoscopy/Endoscopy would tell us what we needed to know. Ugh….I love Gluten.
I actually woke up during my procedure to them trying to get me sedated again and heard the word “Tumor”. I had Stage3 Colorectal Cancer. Everything was a blur from there, tests, images, meeting my Team of Dr’s. I went through Chemo/Rad, 4 months of IV Chemo, and then had LAR surgery to remove the tumor and I now have a permanent Colostomy. I recently had a reoccurrence and underwent a complete hysterectomy. Praying that this is it and we got it. It has been a difficult adjustment mentally and physically but I am living my best life and taking full advantage of every opportunity life affords me. Face your struggles one minute, one hour, one day at a time and before you know it you have overcome them.