Damien’s Story


My journey happen to start in 2006 with severe abdominal cramping and pain. The doctors first thought it was appendicitis before running so many different tests to find out the problem was Crohn’s disease.

Honestly at that time, I was 23 and I had never heard about such a thing and never gave it much thought after being in hospital for a month, until a year later I experienced my first flare up and then another, the flare ups did not stop, bloating, pain, so many different medications, weeks in hospitals at times, so many days off work it was endless with depression, anxiety, and fatigue. But then there were good days when I felt normal.

August 2022, I was experiencing unbearable lower back pain, to cut a long story short I was eventually flown to hospital for emergency surgery due to a perforated ileum. After surgery I had awaken to an ileostomy bag attached,  I must say this was the hardest thing I have ever had to get over in my life. I could not even look at it for weeks without crying and then I had to come to terms with this if I ever want to be happy again. There were quite a few difficulties to start with until I had it all under control. I have now learned to love my ileostomy and wouldn’t be without it, since then I have committed myself to help support, inspire, and educate others with the same conditions and to raise awareness for this life changing disease.

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Thanks, Damien Gibson