Talia’s Story

I was misdiagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis back in 2008 before having several surgeries to remove my colon and create my j-pouch.

After a few more surgeries I was finally properly diagnosed with a very severe case of Crohn’s Disease and have been having major abdominal surgeries about once a year ever since. I’ve had issues with obstructions, perforations, hernias… really everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.

After bouncing back and forth between my j-pouch and having an ileostomy I made my Ostomy permanent last year. Even though I’ve had an ileostomy off and on for nearly 14 years, I still get so paranoid about its smell.

I have a hypersensitive nose and have tried different deodorizing drops across the board, but Na’Scent drops have proven to be the most effective and reliable for me. I love that they’re clear and I can keep the travel size with me in my purse and in my portable Ostomy supply bag.


You can follow Talia on her journey @taliarothwell