Physical Activities with an Ostomy

Do you enjoy playing golf or tennis? Do you believe there is nothing better than swimming, yoga, or running? I love that! Staying active should not be impeded by having an ostomy.

You can resume most sports and activities you loved before surgery with the approval of your healthcare provider. Only contact sports, like boxing, wrestling, or football, could be an exemption because to the potential of stoma injury from a heavy impact.

Competent weight lifters, skiers, swimmers, distance runners, and many other amateur and professional athletes are among those who live with an ostomy. And this is the perfect time to start if you didn’t work out before your operation.

Here are some pointers for starting up physical activity again:

Go at your own pace as you begin gently

After your surgery, your abdominal muscles will require some time to recover. Your healthcare provider can advise you on the best time and method for resuming exercise.

Pick a fun activity

Schedule the activity at least three times each week for a minimum of 30 to 60 minutes each time.

Empty your pouch

Additionally, make sure your wafer has been on for at least an hour before engaging in any activity that will make you perspire, such as getting wet.

Do not be concerned about sweating

Even for swimming, the majority of ostomy pouching methods are water-resistant. For swimmers: use a filter cover to block the vent on your deodorising filter so that water cannot enter the pouch. Once you are dry, you can take off the cover.

Want to unwind in a hot tub or sauna?

No issue, as long as your healthcare provider approves of this. Simply put a frame made of water-resistant tape around your barrier to safeguard the glue, and be sure to routinely check the seal.

Your Guide to Recovering After Ostomy Surgery: me+TM Recovery

Me+TM Recovery is for you if you’ve had ostomy surgery, presently have an ostomy, or have had a reversal.

It can be difficult and challenging to come to grips with everything in the early days following your procedure. However, you can still lead a totally normal and healthy life if you have an ostomy.

Be patient and don’t expect too much too soon!

The healing process for the tissue and surgical site can take many weeks.

Still, you can accelerate your rehabilitation by starting to engage in some mild exercise and activities. You can begin the movement series as soon as a few days following your surgery; start with Green Phase 1.