Luciana’s Story

I WILL TELL YOU what my ostomy means to me: freedom and no fear!  

I’ve never thought that an ostomy would give me freedom. Four years ago, when I became an ostomate I first thought that my life would end and many other  possibilities in life would not exist anymore.

I was wrong. I had my moment of grief, I lived it, and I overcame it. I ended up finding a life of adventure, freedom, trips, and mostly important no fear. A life with no fear of doing the things that Crohn’s disease prevented me before. 

One of the most common fears amongst ostomates is the terrible odor left in the toilet, which is unpleasant and shameful especially if someone needs to use it right after you.

I started looking for products to eliminate the odor, whenever I read about a product I wanted to try it, unfortunately, none of them seemed to work well.

It was until I read about @nascentostomy Na’scent and asked for a free sample in January, 2018, just after trying it I realized how revolutionary it is. Since I’ve tried it , I’ve never been afraid of using the toilets anymore.

Since I’ve got my ostomy, I don’t need to worry about if I will find a public toilet or not, I do absolutely everything including things that in the past I wasn’t able to, I have my freedom to do whatever I want, I always say that #stomassavelives