5 Tips for Ostomates for the Holiday Season

With the holidays around the corner, it is important to celebrate one of the most important events of the year. Christmas is where we all get together to eat turkey, stuffed gravy, turnips, sweet potatoes, fruit salad, homemade dinner rolls, and dessert. However, having an ostomy can make things difficult. To survive Christmas with an ostomy, the following tips will prove useful.

1. Dress Cleverly and Comfortably

Gas noises are one of the main concerns during Christmas. It is important that everyone knows about the ostomy as it is possible for one to release a loud gas noise while munching on food. Living in the Northern part of the country can lead to one wearing undershirts, layers, and sweaters. This might help muffle the sound. Therefore, it makes sense to wear a huge sweater, a tan top underneath, and a thick hoodie over the shirt. Another way to muffle the noise is by wearing high-waist pants or leggings to cover the ostomy and hide those bulges.

2. Eat Less for Breakfast & have a Little Snack before Dinner

Another excellent way to reduce gas noises is by avoiding fasting until dinner. Skipping breakfast should be avoided at all costs as missing meals makes one gassier once the dinner arrives. Therefore, it is best to eat some breakfast and snack right before the dinner to prepare the stomach for the final meal of the day.

3. Don’t Stuff Yourself at Dinner & Save Some for Later

There is no need to eat everything at the dinner table. Instead of eating large quantities at a time, it is better to eat small portions at the dinner table and to save the rest for later. Even if one has been served a lot of dinner, they can store in the fridge to eat later.

4. Bring Extra Supplies

Difficult times call for extra measures. Hence, it makes sense to stock up on supplies. This is where the NaScent Odor Eliminator comes into place. It does a terrific job at eliminating odor caused when eating a meal. As large amount of food increases output, it is vital to bring extra supplies to the table. Anyone traveling for Christmas dinner will need to be fully prepared. Use the odor-reducing ostomy drops offered by NaScent as they are extremely effective. They help reduce the smell significantly to ensure that no one feels uncomfortable because of the smell. In addition to this, it is important to use a room scent or room spray to fill the entire room with a pleasant smell. By covering oneself with a pleasant smell, nobody will be able to notice the odor as it would be perfectly hidden behind the spray scent.

5. Enjoy

Probably the most important tip that we can give is to enjoy your time with your family and friends. Just know that they love you and happy to be able to spend some time with you during the holidays. Share some laughs, listen to them, play some games, be in the moment and tell them you love them too.


The tips mentioned above are intended for anyone who has ostomy. Enjoy the holidays by taking advantage of these tips to eat up and relax. Each tip works its charm and helps make life a whole lot easier. Use every tip for the best results. Managing ostomy during the holidays just got easy with this post.