My name is Steve and I have had an ileostomy for 10 years. I am a member of a Local UOA Chapter and was visiting another Chapter Appliance and product fair when I first heard of the odor control product called Na`Scent.

As an ostomate I am always looking for a good odor control product and found a superior product in this product. With many of my ostomate friends, the "M9" drop deodorizer was the so called gold standard that we all swore was the best but, I have found Na`Scent to be better at controlling odors from stool and gas! Before I used Devrom Tablets to help with gas. Na`Scent is the only product I have to use, saving me money every month.

I have used Convatec products since my surgery and would love to see you carry Na`Scent. This product is popular with me and my friends and is cheaper than other products used for odor control.

For the first time in 25 years, I am confident there is "no odor" from my ileostomy. I don’t have to worry about embarrassing moments or feel uneasy to be in a crowded room close to people.

I can honestly say, having my ileostomy for the past 25 years, I have tried everything from pills to powder. With Na`Scent, a few sprays into my pouch and the next time I empty, the odor is neutralized, often times to absolutely no odor. I can confidently eat seafood again, from shrimp to any kind of fish, without feeling like I have to change my pouch completely, to eliminate the strong odor.

I am at ease now when I am visiting friends and I am able to use their restroom without fear of noticeable, offensive odors. No more waiting for the public restroom to clear out before I empty my pouch! Na`Scent can and truly has enhanced my quality of life with an ostomy.
-Linda Bures, Past President, Olympia Ostomy Chapter

I have been an ileostomate since August, 1977. Since that time I have tried and tried and experimented with many “odor eaters” for the effluence made by ostomates. In a word, I did not succeed! I tried drops, pills, sprays – just about everything conceivable and nothing worked for me.

Through all these years I’ve had my wife (whose olfactory senses are, on a scale of 1-10, an 11) tell me [well here goes] it stinks—close the door to the bedroom! The bathroom door was already closed but the odor permeated the entire area. I have finally found my odiferous saving grace. It’s Na`Scent, my wife is proof in the pudding. When she says to me—Shel, I don’t smell anything—I’ve found the answer.

Please don’t ever go out of business. In fact, I hope your business will expand to include room sprays, etc. Whatever you’ve done –it’s taken me 23 years to find but I am now one happy camper.

I carry small bottles with me wherever I go. I have no fear of embarrassment anymore wherever I go. I also keep bottles in every bathroom in my house. Kudos to you, keep up the good work. I will spread my good news throughout the ostomy community. Thank you.

I was given a sample of your Na`Scent product at a support group meeting last month. As an ileostomate—your product is a true blessing in my active life! After trying your product for a week I ordered the larger refill size. I plan to keep a small bottle in my purse and in every bathroom in my home. I will also keep some in a spray bottle in each bathroom.

I appreciate the fact that your product does not mask odors with a fragrance, it just dispels the odor. It really works and I plan to help get the word out among our ostomates in our local chapter.

Thank you for this excellent product. Na`Scent has helped alleviate a major issue in my daily life!
-Paula H.

About six months ago you sent me a sample of your product Na`Scent which I used and found to be excellent. I have used ostomy products for over 12 years and have tried many different odor eliminators. Yours is definitely the best in eliminating odors completely. Thank you.
-Jeanette I.

I’m writing because I want to help “get the word out” about your superior product, Na`Scent odor eliminator.

As an ileostomate for 39 years I’ve tried many tips and products to eliminate the embarrassing odors that happened when I ate healthy foods like broccoli and seafood. A few Na`Scent drops in my ostomy appliance (external pouch bag), works miraculously without any cover-up odor or color to get on my clothes.

I’m an active volunteer in my community and a receptionist on call as a “temporary worker”. The 2oz. size Na`Scent is convenient to carry with me, and I refill it from the 12 ounce size which lasts me 30-45 days. There is no fear of embarrassing odor when using public or private toilets.

Another benefit Na`Scent offers is that I no longer have to look for room sprays, matches or candles which often affected my sensitive nose and allergies

I feel hospitals, visiting nurses, and enterostomal therapists would be doing a great service to introduce and use Na`Scent with their clients with ostomies (colostomies, ileostomies, and urostomies).

Thank you for an amazing product, which helps me lead an active and normal life.
-Carol G.

I have had a colostomy for several years, and like most ostomates, have searched for an effective deodorant, largely without success. I have tried various tablets and pills, liquid mixtures and home made preparations, none of which really worked. Being an overnight guest or visiting public facilities was always a problem, until I saw a paragraph in the Ostomy Quarterly magazine about your product, Na`Scent. Being desperate I lost no time in asking for some samples.

I would be telling you something you already know when I say this product WORKS. If you are not an osotmate you don’t really know how Na`Scent can give you security, freedom and peace of mind, and really change your life. I won’t be without Na`Scent.
-John M.

I have been very pleased with Na`Scent since trying it for the first time a few months ago. I have had an ostomy for 5 years and have never tried any odor eliminators. They all seemed too good to be true. I took a chance with Na`Scent and have been extremely happy with it. I don’t leave home without it! I did not realize how much I have come to depend on it until I ran out a few days ago and realized I would have to substitute matches until my order arrives.
-Melinda S.

A dramatic breakthrough product for all ostomates. Not a deodorant, it eliminates odor by creating an oxygen rich environment that eliminates odor-causing microbes in the pouch.
  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to Use
"It's dependable.
  It's simple.
  It changed my life.
  Thank you, Na`Scent."

- Linda Bures, Past President, Olympia Ostomy Chapter


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