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If you would like to request a free sample of Na`Scent, please continue to our buy page. Please limit your request to two samples per person. Please allow 7 - 10 business days for delivery.

To request free samples of Na`Scent for your support group, please email us.






More than freedom.
More than security.
Na`Scent gives ostomates
a whole, new, odor-free life.

"I was given a sample of your Na`Scent product at a support group meeting last month. As an ileostomateóyour product is a true blessing in my active life!"
-Paula H.

"About six months ago you sent me a sample of your product Na`Scent which I used and found to be excellent. I have used ostomy products for over 12 years and have tried many different odor eliminators. Yours is definitely the best in eliminating odors completely. Thank you."
-Jeanette I.

"I would be telling you something you already know when I say this product WORKS. If you are not an osotmate you donít really know how Na`Scent can give you security, freedom and peace of mind, and really change your life. I wonít be without Na`Scent."
-John M.

"As an ileostomate for 39 years Iíve tried many tips and products to eliminate the embarrassing odors that happened when I ate healthy foods like broccoli and seafood. A few Na`Scent drops in my ostomy appliance (external pouch bag), works miraculously without any cover-up odor or color to get on my clothes."
-Carol G.
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